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Together with Tandur Lab, we realize food security with the boundaries of the ecological footprint. Because Tandur Lab adheres to the principle of there’s no wrong way to the future.

Our Story

A brief story about the company

Food plays a vital socio-economic and environmental role in every community’s life. However, the process of producing, transporting, consuming, and disposing of food also drives the current environmental and socio-economic challenges. Food waste produces greenhouse gases and can add to health costs.

Short-, medium- and long-term solutions in food reform are critical for creating a healthy future food for all. The process of realizing the future food must be carried out responsibly by considering the boundaries of the ecological footprint. Tandur Lab is here to take on the role and provide solutions.

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Produk Ikan tandur lab

Producing Sustainable Animal Feed For Animal Farmers by Converting Organic Waste

The problem of climate change is a challenge and a threat to the environment and life today. Especially regarding the food sector, climate change can be seen from two different sides. On the one hand, the agricultural sector is affected by climate change, but on the other hand, many have also contributed to climate change.

Our Product

Maggot which is the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is indeed very special compared to other alternative feed raw materials because it contains complete nutrition for fish and poultry and has good quality. In addition, Maggot can be produced in a short time and released in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of fish and poultry feed. The problem of supplying fish and poultry feed has long been felt by farmers in Indonesia until now. Although the supply is smooth, the price of feed in the market is still expensive because the raw materials for making feed are still imported.

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Animal Feed


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Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs)

Tandurlab’s goal is to bring added value to the waste that is around us, to process it into high protein animal feed ingredients to help food security.

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